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What do i need to send?

For a complete and conclusive test send 3 items.

1) Engine Ecu

2) Becm

3) key Fob (I will test as many keys as you would like to send)


When the becm starts to fail it corrupts information stored inside it. The Becm nearly always fails with the information showing: left hand drive, No market, an invalid EKA and only part of the original Fob Code. (The code that makes your Fobs work) it also changes the EMS code. (This is the security code that the Becm uses to enable the Engine Ecu to start)

With all 3 units you can be 100% sure that everthing works and on reconnection your Range Rover will start and run.


Is a repaired Becm going to be reliable?

There are specific components that fail inside the Becm that are now obsolete. Even when you buy a brand new Becm you will find exactly the same obsolete components. 3 years ago I scoured the Globe in search of the components and managed to buy 10,000 which was the last remaining stock. I still have several thousand left and having these components, mainly the processor, enables me to offer a 100% sucessfull repair.


Is the repair Guaranteed?

All repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.











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