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A Step by Step Guide on How to Remove your Becm. As long as you carry out steps 2 and 3, removing both battery terminals, you can not cause any problems. When removing the plugs from the becm have a close look for any water damage to the cables and look for any green or corroded terminals. The plugs directly underneath the Becm fuse box suffer the worst.

Step 1

Release the 3 Battery cover retaining Clips and Release the Cover

Step 2

Remove the Battery Negative terminal and tuck it out of the way

Step 3

Remove the Battery Positive Terminal

Step 4

Remove the seat cowl fir tree plugs. Use a trim tool or an old fork with a center prong removed.

Step 5

Remove this Phillips screw.

Step 6

Remove all the rear cowl fir tree plugs. Not all P38's have these. Some have a rubber cover.

Step 7

Disconnect the seat electrical connections. (Seat outstation ones also, if fitted. You will see a black box fastened to the underside of seat.)

Step 8

Remove the seat retaining bolts. There are 2 rear and 2 front bolts. You will need a size 50 male torx socket.

Step 9

Fold the rear seat down.

Step 10

Lift the front seat up and rest it on top of the rear seat.

Step 11

Remove the 2 phillips retaining screws of the heating duct

Step 12

With a 10mm and an 8mm Socket, undo the Becm Power and Earth cables. Most are all 10mm

Step 13

Remove all the Becm Plugs. Pressing the tang in the center of each plug, to release. Removing the 3 10mm nuts that retain the becm might make this easier.

Step 14

Remove the 3 Becm securing nuts, 10mm. There is one to the rear and 2 to the front. (See next step)

Step 15

Removing the 2 front becm securing nuts (10mm)

Step 16

The Becm is now free to come out.

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Once the becm is out lift the plastic trim along the door sill. Underneath you will see a main part of the wiring loom. Ensure this channel isn't damp or worst case full of water. Another point to check is a bit further along in the kick panel. The plugs there also suffer from corroded pins. The 12 pin white plug is a very important one to check as it carries the immobiliser signal wire to the Engine ecu.
Spray all the plugs and loom with penetrating oil, WD40 or Duck Oil will do your P38 the world of good. You may even prevent future brake downs.

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